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I.  The Driver Improvement Course Purpose
            The reduction of points and fines associated with traffic tickets
            Lower insurance rates
            Meet court requirements
            Earn 5 Safe Driving points to your driving record

II. The Course is Approved
          B&M Driver Improvement Clinic courses are state-approved by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles                       (DMV) to meet all requirements for point and fine reduction, insurance discounts, and safe driving points. We are               also accepted by all the Courts in the Commonwealth of Virginia, including Federal Courts.

III. Eligibility to participate in a Virginia Driver Improvement Course DMV Ordered/Mandated
          There is no specific mandate to attend a driver improvement class, however you are required to produce a valid                    picture ID. some of the reasons for attending class are:
      DMV Requirement
          DMV will order/mandate you to complete a defensive driving course
          DMV will provide you with a notice in the mail mandating that you attend 

     Court Ordered/Mandated
         The Court will order/mandate you to complete a driver improvement course
         The Court will provide you with a referral at your court date

    Insurance Reduction
        you may take this class to get a reduction in your insurance premium (check with your insurance Company to see if           they participate in this program).

IV. Age requirement to complete a driver improvement course online
      Virginia residents must be 20 years + old to be eligible for online driver improvement. Drivers under 20 years must 
      complete their driver improvement requirements in a classroom setting.

V.  You may take this course as a volunteer for 5 safe driving points, to improve your driving record. (five (5) safe         driving point is the most points allowed in the State of Virginia).