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A license is a terrible thing to waste...
Welcome to B&M Driver Improvement Clinic
B&M Driver Improvement Clinic provides the professional service facilitating the knowledge  to deliver the required curriculum towards successfully completing the driver improvement standards set by the Department of Motor Vehicle of Virginia. It is here where you can fulfill all the requirements whether it be Voluntary (to obtain safe driving points); for Insurance Discounts or Court/DMV mandated. 

We Also Offer the Escort Driver Training Program, Virginia Driver's Manual Class, Classroom component of Driver Education to include 3 test failures. Call to get the dates, time, and cost.

We are committed to aiding our students in maintaining and/or regaining their respective driver privileges.  This Driving School offers experienced and invested Instructors available both weekdays and weekends.  You deserve to take a Virginia Driver Course that is licensed and effective from start to finish. 

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